Gas Filter

SW type natural gas filter apply to the condition in which the high flow rate, high accuracy natural gas filter and separation is required. The capacity of single vessel is up to 600*104 Nm3/d with operating flexibility of ±30%.

Particle/droplet Size Pressure Drop Separation Efficiency
Solid Liquid
≤1μm 0.0025 MPa 99.40% 99.60%
1~3μm 0.002 MPa 99.60% 98.80%
≥3μm 0.0018 MPa 100% 99.30%
    Scope of Application:
  • Gas purification at long distance natural gas compression station, distribution station and drain station
  • Oil field gas purification
  • Coal gas and other fuel purification
  • Process gas purification (to protect molecule sieve, PSA, separating membrane)
  • Water removal of compressed air, recycle hydrogen, ammonia
    Features and Benefits:
  • High capacity, high operation flexibility, excellent performance with reasonable low cost
  • Portable size (only 1/4 of conventional filter)
  • Single or skid-mounted twin compartment (one operate unit plus one backup) with line pipes, valves and gauges for convenience of onsite installation